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Transformers: Earth Wars - Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How you can Beat, and Strategy Guide

Transformers: Earth Wars is a brand new MMO real time strategy game for Android platforms and the iOS. You are able to perform as both the Decepticons or the Autobots, and the person you choose, your main goal is fighting and win against another side aided by the finest defense and attack techniques you are able to think of, like a Transformers flavored Clash of Clans. Continue reading for a number of tricks and tips for Transformers: Earth Wars!

Although remove the gun towers first, in battle, the headquarters is actually the most crucial thing to remove. You cannot aim the bots of yours, at least not in a separate issue, but in case the specific attacks are used by you and also aim them with the guns, then the characters of yours will focus on them even with the specific attack is actually done. This's accurate for every construction that you would like to focus on, in case you need to focus on the HQ itself first.

Always be upgrading a thing so long as you've the Alloy and Energon to do it. The defenses of yours and your resource collectors would be the foundation of the base of yours, but maximize and update the walls of yours to be able to defend the structures you care most about, particularly the HQ. In case you can't gather sufficient assets to update the HQ of yours or perhaps whatever else you have to do, upgrade the collectors of yours.

Hit the fights to level up the transformers of yours; in case you're caught on a campaign level, then go to an old level and also finish it once again, doing so as often as you have to to be able to obtain a couple of levels on your transformers. When they get a level, the stats of theirs and total energy level increase.

When rival players are being attacked by you, focus on the designs of the bases of theirs, particularly the people who you've a huge amount of trouble beating. Take note of what it really was about the layouts of theirs, the defenses of theirs and the walls of theirs which made it hard to beat them, and use elements of that to the own base of yours.

Cyber Coins are the premium currency of the game. Although you are able to earn lots of ones that are free by submitting achievements, in order to obtain far more Cyber Coins, you typically need to purchase them. Go on the Menu, now hit Achievements, and also you are able to get prizes for every one of the people that you've already completed, in addition to consider the demands for the people that you've yet to finish.

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